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Web design and web site redesign services that you can afford with web site leasing or purchasing option!

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Prices include :
» Monthly Hosting Cost
» Maintenance Cost
» Search Engine Optimization
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We offer :
» Low cost with high quality
» Professional and Functional
» Basic SEO
Fast & Easy to Afford Services
Save your money without compromising on quality...

We offer affordable web design, low in cost web site leasing packages that any business can aford. We also offer inexpensive hosting and maintenance services.

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Low cost web design for your business web presence...

Welcome to 12thI Technologies, a web site leasing and designing company. We are one of the leading low cost web design services provider based in Washington DC area. In web site design, affordability does not always equate to poor quality. We keep the cost low by customising web sites according to the business requirement without lot of flashy content. We believe in simple, easily readable and elegant web design. Some of our services include:

  • We offer web design design in many languages
  • We can construct professional low cost clean flash web designs
  • We can develop inexpensive e-commerce web design for your business
  • We can design your portfolio web design that can serve as your online CV
  • We offer multiple plans for search engine optimization, hosting and web designs maintenance

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Our Design and Development
Attractive, Creative with Latest Technology...

We create low cost custom designs that are clean and competitive. We are also capable of converting existing web design to more clean & functional design.

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Hire a web site leasing company that understands your business...

12thI Technologies is also a web site leasing development company and offer a variety of web site lease services. We can provide business web site address, hosting space, email address, web design, maintenance, search engine services and support.

Affording a highly professional web design company is not easy for small businesses, they are expensive, time consuming, expensive to maintain and difficult to update so why to buy a web site when you can affordably LEASE it?

A web site is something that should always have fresh content and search engine optimized (Search engine laws changes frequently). Therefore we also offer you to lease a fully maintained web site for as little as many companies charge just to do the maintenance – as low as $49.99 / month with no additional design fee, no additional hosting fees and no set up fees. Take advantage of our Affordable Leasing Package.

Leasing a web site is a risk free way to get you business online. Less startup cost, lower monthly expense, new content on regular basis. Some of the benefits include:

  • Bundling of multiple web serives and reducing monthly expenses
  • Leasing a web site saves your time, bypassing multi week process of design
  • Flexible end of term option. Either extend your lease, purchase your web site, or cancel the leasing service
  • Regular search engine optimization and fresh content addition
  • Keep your web site alive and thriving with regular maintenance and support


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Who We Are?
Our Mission, Our Process, Why 12thI for your company's web site design?...

We are web services provider based in Washington DC. Our goal is to deliver user friendly web site to small businesses and individuals.

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$49.99 Monthly Lease
Afford Web Site in just $49.99/ month package...

This monthly web site leasing is ideal for small businesses to take their first step into the online web world or businessses who would like to develop their existing web site in a risk free manner.

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A Cheaper and affordable way to get custom web design/web redesign...

A small business or personal web sites needs not to be expensive. We offer exceptional low cost web designing packages without compromising on quality. Steps we take to create a professional affordable custom web design or web redesign:

STEP 1: Understand needs of the business and gathering information. Our web designers analyze your business goals, target audience and more

STEP 2: Use the information gathered and put together the plan for your attractive web site. During this phase our web designer helps you to decide what web technologies should be implemented .

STEP 3: Design the high quality layout of your web site that determines the look and feel e.g. the colors, web site logo, navigation menu etc. Web designer will create a web site prototype for your consideration.

STEP 4: The Development phase defines the actual functional web site. Communication between the client and the designer is very crucial so the designer will continue to make the in progress web site available to you for previewing.

STEP 5: Web site Optimization and testing is the very crucial stage in the web design process. Our web designer will test the designed web site, and ask you for any changes and correction.

STEP 6: Maintenance phase is the option that we provide at the end. New content addition on a regular basis is the key to bring your web site visitors again and again.

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We are committed to make web site viable and profitable. Positioning of your business web site is by far most important for your web presence. You cannot afford to go wrong in SEO
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